Biggie went home

28 May 2014 | Blog

He came to us on May 3-rd, he was in a good condition, so we waited for his owners to come – after all beagles are so easy to lose, they are full of enthusiasm and speed. Three families came to “recognize” their lost pet in him, but didn’t . We had his photos everywhere, posted ads, but nothing happened. By law, we are obliged to keep a dog 14 days before we offer it for adoption, so the owners can look for it. But after the two weeks passed, we started calling the people who were interested in having him.


Michaela Yakimova is the new owner of the charming 3-4 years old boy! Her darling retriever passed away a week before she came to the shelter, so Bigi’s mischief was more than welcome – he is one of those dogs that will never skip an opportunity to lick your face, untie your shoes and brand you with a few muddy paws. Congrats!

28 May 2014 | Blog

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