They were four absolutely identical babies – an abandoned litter of puppies found in the middle of a very cold winter. They found wonderful foster parents, we gave them all the vaccines they needed and they came to the shelter. All this happened in January 2012 and we never imagined that these wonderful dogs would spend such a long time in waiting for love. Two of the “cards” found homes relatively quickly – as youngsters, two more remained for the eternal wait. This here is the story of Karo, we only have her sister Tia hoping to be noticed now.

karo bebe karo bebe2

Let’s start with the fact that Karo, now Carrie is a Big Black Dog. Which, in the language of shelters translates as Unwanted Lonely Heart. She spent two years behind bars until Lady Luck finally smiled at her. And what a smile it was! It all started in December last year when we got the following letter: “My name is Maria, I live in Belgium with my husband and two children. We are planning a visit to Bulgaria in April and we really want to visit the shelter and adopt a dog for the birthday of our 5-year-old son. This is his dream!” Generally, we would put this letter in the “little-chance” bucket. And not because we doubted the sincerity of the little boy, but because we know that when adopters have to organize the transport themselves (we do not travel to Belgium) things just don’t happen. Not this time!

To put it short – the people really came from Belgium to the farm and found Karo. There was no way to pick her up whilst they were visiting relatives, so she had to remain with us for about 10 more days until the time for the trip came. What an excitement it was, the kind people were worried that someone might want her during this time and wrote: “Please, don’t give her to anyone! We don’t want another dog! I wake up in the morning worrying that someone might like her and want her. Every day we look at her photos and cannot wait for the time to come and us to board the plane with her!”

kari karin

And so, Karo sailed off to Belgium and now after all the initial worries and fears have passed, life is better than ever. Here is a short narration from Maria – to let you know how things with Carrie are today, in her new family:

“Carrie is now feeling wonderful! At first she was very, very sad… she didn’t eat, she just lay around and looked at us with her sad brown eyes. Nevertheless, in the morning, she would crawl to us, licking our hands, though with the same sadness in her eyes. She didn’t want to go for a walk, she only went to the yard do her business and hurried back in. My heart was braking. But after about 10 days everything changed. She is now a happy girl, waving her tail and squealing with joy when she sees us. She is also a little spoiled – after jumping on us a few times, she will lay on her back to get a belly rub and a good massage. If we get distracted and stop, she would push us gently with her paw: continue!

About a week ago she let us shower her, but was not happy at all about the dryer.

karo belgium 2

We are so happy to have her at home. She is a very clever animal, for example – she takes care of all her things. Our little son gave her his stuffed dog on the day we took her. She never pulls or chews it, she uses it as a pillow. She also has a rubber toy and a chew rope that are completely untouched. But… she will chew everything else – be it wood or plastic – while we’re away. So, when there is nobody home, she stays in the yard.

She completely changed our habits – instead of lying flat on the couch after work, tired and quiet, we go to a little park close to us, we walk her and the kids ride bikes.

So, she became a part of our lives without any grand planning. I saw your page somewhere in December and our little son had wanted a dog for some time. I mentioned to my husband that we could adopt, but he was not a fan of the idea. And now – they are huge friends. He does everything for her – feeding, walking… He even wakes up at 6:00 every morning to give her a good time outside. Well, he is a bit saddened by the fact she loves me most.

Now all our plans are completely in tune with her presence.

karo belgium 3

I had sent you her photo with us, but here it is again – princess Caroline as our bigger boy calls her.

All the best and have a great day! Maria”

To honor Carrie’s adoption Maria and her husband Valentin have supported the shelter with a donation that will allow the finish-up of one of 36 doggie rooms that we will have when the renovations are over. We cannot thank them enough. Both for giving this good girl the happiness she deserves, and for the chance they have given to other dogs, by donating for the future of the Farm. We wish them happiness!

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