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17 May 2014 | Blog

Ellen and Jackson babies Jackson and Ellen (4)

Jackson and Ellen are real cuties. They are full of energy, love playing and eating. Their most favorite thing is snuggling with the big cats and with their foster mom. The brother and sister were found in the end of March when they were only 3-4 days old without their mom near a road in Bankia.

Ellen (2) Elllen 6

A1 Jackson Jackson 1 Jackson 3

Their human foster mum is caring for them since then. They are growing up healthy, active and loving.  Both are named after two of the most famous animal lovers in the world – Jackson Galaxy and Ellen Degeneres. They have huge appetite and become more and more charming and cuter every day. They are ready to begin their next season of life – living happily in their new families. Why not bring more happiness in your home with those babies?


Maha i Goya 2

Goya and Maja are two tiny furry treasures that hope good luck will bring them the best adopters in the world. Their story is ordinary… unfortunately a lot of kittens end up homeless in similar ways.


One month ago, in the staircase in a block in Sofia neighbors heard meowing. It was coming from one of the closets in the staircase where people usually keep old stuff. The meowing continued for some time, so Alexandra (the rescuer of Goya and Maja) decided to check what was going on. She found a crying tiny furry ball looking very frightened. This is Maja. Her rescuer took her home but while she was wondering what to do with the kitten the next days, she heard meowing again. This time it came from a balcony of the staircase. She found a cartoon box put in a plastic bag. Inside was the crying Goya. He snuggled in the arms of his rescuer and calmed down. Both babies are departed from their mother way too young, only 40 days old. Goya had a wound on his leg.

Goya Goya-3

Their rescuer took them to a vet where they were fully checked, dewormed and the wound of Goya was cleaned and treated. Soon after that both babies were welcomed by their foster mom where they feel great from the very beginning.

Maha-i-Goya1 Maha-i-Goya-3

Today both kittens are healthy, playful, active, adorable and very social. The wound of Goya is fully healed. They are vaccinated and ready to be adopted. Both of them love the dog and the cats in their foster home and they adore their foster mom.


The newest additons (1)

The magnificent four – We introduce you with the 4 youngest additions to the family of ARS. They were found tied in a plastic bag when they were only 7 days old. Their foster mom is doing great job with taking care for them. They will soon be ready for adoption. We show you some pictures of them so you can send positive thoughts to the babies. 2 boys and 2 girls, although they are still too young to be sure for the gender. They still don’t have names.

The newest additons

We are constantly looking for foster homes, so if you want to have any of those treasures in your home, please contact us. We are grateful to everyone who helps us to take care for the helpless little treasures when they urgently need it.

17 May 2014 | Blog

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