A male golden retriever and a female almost golden retriever came to our shelter at the end of the summer. Having in mind how disgustingly often we see sights like these – pet dogs being let out to breed with accidentally appeared homeless females in season, we were not surprised.


As we expected – we had over 50 calls for the male (don’t ask what a bore it is to check the candidates when it comes to rehoming purebred animals) and over 50 of them ended in disappointment when the candidates were informed the boy will leave the shelter neutered. Then we found good people, but the boy decided to munch on their cat and he was quickly brought back to us.

Oddly enough it was a cat again that decided the faith of the golden-like lady who managed to find the perfect home before her pure-bred friend did. Here is how it all went:



It was a crazy scandal on Facebook – golden-retriever owners were “protecting” the boy from our evil, neutering hands, meanwhile not offering any real help to him. The poor people that brought him in were worried that they were made to look like dog thieves and despite the lack of a microchip and many candidates, we kept Raffi for a little longer than required hoping someone might come looking for him. No one did. We began checking up on the many people who wanted him and had to turn them all down for varying reasons being from “can’t you just send him by post?”, though “I want him as a guard dog for my villa” to “he is of no use to me neutered”.

When a good home was finally found – tough luck! The boy tried to eat the family’s kitty for breakfast and quickly returned to us. But it seems the whole hassle wasn’t in vane – Raffi must have been waiting for Mariana Yossifova and Ivaylo Kostov to come looking for him – they were the perfect candidates.

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Mariana and Ivaylo are mountaineer enthusiasts and the little rascal is enjoying a life he hadn’t even dreamed of, as you can see from the proof we are posting. We can only wish that all of our doggies find homes like this!



Our inspired guess is that the huge beauty queen is probably a mix between a golden retriever and a very large breed, presumably a Middle-Asian Shepherd. She had appeared in the street earlier this summer, a dumped pet. In the beginning she tried to play it bossy, but she soon learned the new rules of street life and became the ordinary street dog – no pretenses or complaints, just a huge hunger for food and love.

At the shelter the girl did great – despite her massive size no one took a beating from her and she was constantly looking for love wherever she might get it. We expected her to remain for a long time at the shelter, but surprisingly she was the first of the Golden Dogs to go. Boyan Manov came to the shelter to meet her and it was a perfect match!

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The lovely lady now has a lovely name too – it is Keera. She is being a good girl and living with Boyan’s cat with no problems. We don’t have photos from her permanent home yet, only special greetings sent through our volunteers. When we get them – we’ll make sure to show them to you, this will be one very special friendship!

22 September 2013 | Blog

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