The shelter’s heaviest dogs

21 September 2013 | Blog

After long disputes regarding the heaviest dogs at our shelter we have decided to check out the facts and measure all the contestants and finally have our true chart on this extremely important question! The world will never be the same again now that we have made things clear. Ta-daaa:

1-st prize – Buyan


Buyan the Middle-Asian Shepherd is the definite winner with an impressive score of 60,5 kilos.
He also has to be our Complete Makeover champion, but since we don’t have an agreement on that subject as well, here is some proof for you to decide:


2-nd place – Kujo


The currently overlooked and miserable Kujo St.Bernard mix weighs 54 kilograms.
Kujo was adopted, but things didn’t work out with his new family so he came back to the Naughty Corner. He has a gold medal in the who’s tallest competition, but that was before we had Buyan who is a massive giant.


3-rd place – Rick


Granddad Rick weighs 49,5 kilograms.
As you know he is a gold medalist in the Oldest Dog category – 17 years old!!!


4-th place – Neyko


You probably don’t know this old lad, he came to us from the municipal pound for treatment last winter. And since he is such a good-hearted and old guy we thought we might squeeze him in with our Retirement Home oldies. At least he will have food in his belly and a pat on his back at the end of his life. Such a good lad. He weighs 46 kilos.

doma na pensionera

5-th pace – Uti


Last in line is Uti with the not so impressive 39 kilograms.
He might not be as mighty as the leaders, but he definitely gets the 1-st place among them for a golden heart. He was born about 2004 and we don’t think there will be clever people to want this bear in their family. So he stays in ours.


21 September 2013 | Blog

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