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Great news from our Canadian friends at Chicopee!
After they extended their support to us till the end of the summer, they have now decided to keep on bringing us food for another three months. The lucky babies in the Puppygarten and the big crowd in the large dog building will continue to get 60 kilos of quality puppy kibble and 250 kilos more for the adults we have!

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Good food is always a problem in huge shelters like ours – we have so many animals and so little to care for them with. So, we make a food mix – our own cheap kibble is mixed with the premium donations to get a better overall quality. This is something that substantially increases their immunity and resistance to infection and you can see how well they are doing with a naked eye. Good food remains the most important thing for our little babies – we are still the only shelter in the city to admit puppies and are constantly “fully stocked” on them. It is of essential importance that the babies get enough protins from a good source.


We thank the great team of Chicopee from all our hearts! The dogs thank them too, but from all their tummies!

23 September 2013 | The Farm Newsflash

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