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18 September 2013 | Blog


We have great news: David the shy boy has been adopted! He is the puppy we took in directly from Sofia’s largest city highway where he lay after a car had hit him. The boy was between the two lanes, broken, but still gave Peter and Svetlio a hard time in being caught – people were the last thing he wanted to see in that moment.  With the great help he got from you he was then operated and his leg fixed. After that, the work to socialize him began.

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At the shelter David showed himself as a shy, dis-trustful dog. A scared puppy. We put him in the office – it’s what we do with the animals who are most afraid, so they can get used to people talking, human sounds and interactions. In time Kremi even managed to convince him to go out for walks. That, however, brought an unexpected “bonus”- it became impossible to go into the office if Kremi was there, David had turned into her faithful guardian.

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It was about a month ago when we got the most lovely phone call “hello, do you have a difficult case we might help you out with?” This is how Georgi Afanasiev came to Bogrov. Talking to David and stroking him for long hours until the boy got used to him.


David now lives in Plovdiv, in his own house with a yard. He is incredibly happy there and loved like he has never been loved before. He is still a little scared, but will get used to everything in time. Here are a few words, along with some lovely photos from his new “mom”:

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“Hello! I just want to say thanks for being there. You give so much happiness to so many people. We recently adopted David and he is of course the best in the world. He is still a little afraid, but will get used to things in time. I thank you from all my heart, dear folks.”


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18 September 2013 | Blog

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