The puppies we kept in our Puppygarten for the first year were mostly taken in from the street with their mother. Today, 3 years of hard work later, 95% of our babies are the so-called “cardboard box puppies”. They are the babies of unspayed yard guard-dogs, dumped in boxes all over the city. Two of the hundred puppies we currently have have been lucky this weekend:

Cherry grew up in the Puppygarten with her 2 little sсsters (they are still with us). Her adopters Miroslav Trifonov and his daughter Elitsa often come to help out as volunteers and have known her ever since she was a tiny baby. They loved her from the very first moment they saw her, so it is no surpise they could not part with her. We wish them great happiness!!!

This tiny little baby now has her own name – Lucky. Bojidar Batev and Lilyana Christova were very patient to wait for their little baby to be ready to go home vaccinated. In the 3 weeks they had to postpone their adoption (we only re-home dogs that are not 100% healthy and vaccinated in rare, special cases”) they came to see her regularly, giving her love, attention and the reassurance she will never be lonely and sad again. May they enjoy each other’s company for a long, long time!!!

15 September 2013 | Blog

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