лиза желява софия

Liza, that is the new name of the small brown lady from cage 13 at the Bogrov shelter. She went home exactly 1 month ago with Sofia and Peter, two of our regular volunteers. And this is an update on how her life is going: in the beginning she was very timid, it was difficult to convince her to get into the car, then get off and walk through unfamiliar doors in order to reach the little carpet where she fell asleep blissfully.

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It was only a week time she needed to understand that she has been very lucky to get – her own bed, her own food and water, daily walks a few times a day and what is most important – her own people who love her. Liza loves them too and she does her best to please them, so she doesn’t do any mischief. She loves to cuddle, but her most favorite thing to do is run like the wind in Sofia’s South Park – wether it be chasing other dogs or birds or squirrels – it doesn’t matter, just as long as she can run long and feee, without a lead or a fence to stop her. Liza is doing great on walks with or without a lead – she is really a DREAM dog.

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Her last big moment was at a photo-planner, organized by Lidia Petrova, a kind photographer who has been taking many lovely photos of the dogs at the shelter. Liza even got a special award for her participation.

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