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News from Stavri and Calli

EDIT 01.04.2013

Cali’s and Stavri’s surgeries are planned for tomorrow (April 02), when kind d-r Zlatinov returns to the city.

EDIT 29.03.2013

The funds for these two lucky mongrels have been raised!
What a miracle this is for them in such hard times and at the end of a month…
We will keep you informed about their operations and recovery!

Two dogs with a sad past and an uncertain present have now received the chance to speak to you through a few bad pictures and a bucket of meaningless words. If only we could transcribe the language of the heart and show you how kind, how innocent  and how deserving these two little heroes are…


kalimera (1) kalimera (2)


Calimera, calispera… we saw her for the first time on a Sunday. She was brought to the shelter by people who had seen her try and make a life at a gas station. After a while she came along limping, so they came with her to seek help. We tried to explain kindly: our little Ford is broken and we don’t have the money to fix it; we also don’t have an x-ray and they need to bring her to the vets and call us from there, so we can see if we can help her without surgery; and so on, and so on… we thought we had explained everything well, the people left and we expected their call, but – in vain. They didn’t call back and we thought the vets had told them it’s not so serious and she can go back to the station and get better in time.

A few days later, coming to work we found Calimera in the guard-man’s little room at the shelter, confused, a bit scared and in a worse condition. The people had come in the late evening, there was a huge scandal and the dog was abandoned. The guard took her in, so she doesn’t wander off and be hit by a car again…

Calimera, calispera, good day to you new friends! Cali is just a tiny, quiet, affectionate and lovable little girl. Sadly, things have gotten worse for her – the broken bone is healing in the worse way possible and a brake that could have probably needed just a splint, now needs a surgery. If we do not treat her immediately, Cali has a huge chance to turn into yet another 3-legged dog at the shelter.

Yes, that is where things are going. Because her surgery will cost too much. Because Glavka, who has been with us for such a long time and is familiar to so many people, even Glavka had a very hard time raising the money for her treatment…

Seems like Calimera has no chance. If we want to keep her leg – it will cost us the devastating 300E. If we don’t – we can amputate for only 75E – those will be a lot easier to raise. But how will we look Cali in the eye if we don’t try? How will we bear to live with the thought that we didn’t try hard enough to explain:

Kind people, Cali is a golden dog. The money she needs are no small sum, but there are so many of us that care. If we make a push, if we believe, if we take things into our own hands – Cali will be running along with Lilly and Katya in a week or two. There will be joy in these sad little eyes again, a joy well deserved by a little angel, who has been so unlucky so far and has so little to hope for…


stavri (1) stavri (3)

Stavri was dumped by his owners somewhere in Zapaden Park. Gentle, quiet and friendly, Stavri began to follow every dog person who came with their pet to the park. No pushing, no demands, no requirements – just a gentle shadow of a dog that is ready to do anything, just to be alongside a Human. If this human would pay some attention to him, Stavri would simply melt away with joy and tenderness – so bad is his longing for a hug and a pat on the back. Stavri is just another calm pet that has been turned into a wretched homeless dog overnight.

We cannot get into the minds of the people who dumped him. In any case they had the genius idea to cut off half his ear, so that it looks like he is neutered in the municipal shelter of Seslavci and the catchers of Ecobalance don’t take him next time they are out hunting for newly dumped dogs. Some big help, yeah, right… They chopped off his ear and left.

Stavri spent his days in shivering in the roots of pine trees whilst waiting for kind dog-people that wouldn’t chase him away and just let him walk with them. There are some dogs that can live in the clouds. Stavri is one of those… He would just follow you along while he can, calm, quiet, as if he was a dog you own, as if things are just the way they should be in these short minutes, as if he has his own place under the sun…

So, one day Stavri came to the dog-meadow limping. His back leg was so badly swollen, it was actually twice the size of his other leg. Hanging lifelessly – obviously with a bad break even for those of us that don’t have an x-ray vision – the leg was causing him great pain. Nevertheless, Stavri wasn’t pushing, but waited patiently and just put his weary her on Vessi’s leg, when she approached him to see what had happened. There was no begging in his eyes, just a promise. A promise of eternal loyalty, no matter what. A promise of a love so faithful and enduring, a love till the last breath.

Is Stavri a dog that has deserved to live? Will there be anyone to pity him? We managed to scrape up half of the money, needed for his operation. We now need 150E more to be able to fix him up. So much money for a simple Stavri… who would care?

Cali and Stavri have no future without you

kalimera (3) stavri (2)

Can you help them a little?
Would you share your lunch with them today?
Stavri needs 150E and poor Cali needs 300E… Do they stand any chance? And how sad, how moving must a dog look on a photo in order to beg successfully for such help…

If you have any possibility – even a small one – please, donate for Cali and Stavri by ePay, PayPal or by bank AT THIS LINK.

You can also leave a donation at the front desk of the Central Vet Clinic. Please, don’t forget to mention it is for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia.

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