Dear friends, the funds for Meteora’s surgery have been raised. She will be operated the first days of next week. Thank you!


Anyone who has been to Bogrov in the last month has noticed her. She is Meteora – a wonderful and sweet-tempered one-eyed girl who spends her days in the clinic or tied at the shelter entrance, because she is too friendly and curious to stay at the Puppygarten.

Meteora was born with a rare defect to her right eye – it is blind and deformed and stays constantly closed. This is not a painful condition, but  there are issues with it. Her eyelid doesn’t fall on the eye in a normal angle, so tiny bits of hair scratch it constantly causing chronic infections.

Meteora’s surgery is not a life-saving one, but is not arbitrary as well – it must be done. The deformed eye has to be removed and her eyelid stitched up so that no bacteria can get in and all hairs are pointing outward.

The price for Meteora’s surgery is 250BGN (~128E). We are sure that Meteora could find the needed amount in only everyone who was touched by her gentle, friendly presence would pitch in a little. Although Meteora is not a sad looking animal, but on the contrary – a dog full of life and joy, ready to live happiness to the fullest.

If you have the means – DONATE FOR METEORA.
On her behalf – we thank everyone who will pitch in. 25 people who would be willing to spare 5E for her health are just enough – can she find as many? We believe she will, because we believe in you!

16 August 2012 | Blog

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