14 August 2012 | Adopted

“On the flat rock was a footprint, still undried. Sophie had rested one foot there as she bent over to tip her catch into the jar. The mark was still damp enough to show the print of all six toes clearly.”

The Chrysalids, John Windham

On first glance and with an untrained eye one will find nothing special about Sophie. She’s a bright-eyed, optimistic, mischievous little girl who got lucky once. On second glance with an untrained eye one sees that she was born to her name. Sophie has six toes on her hind paw, making her just a pinch more adorable than she looks like at first. Somewhere then one has already fallen in love with her.

Sophie tried to give up on life once and decided there was not much to live for on the street, despite her four- and two-legged friends who tried to convince her this was not the case. Thankfully, three days worth of vitamin shots and other vet magic, as well as two cats and two dogs with similar faiths were enough to quickly bring back the enormous amounts of energy and love of life she had stored in her.

Sophie is about three months old, vaccinated, healthy, and brimming with potential. She will be the perfect friend to a family with young children (or anyone, really). She loves to cuddle (she must have picked that up from her cat-friends) and she’s capable of winning everyone’s heart. Even dogs and cats that are somewhat distrustful to newcomers were sold in a couple of days with her persistent hugs and kisses. As every young puppy she needs long hours of running and play so that she doesn’t try to take out her energy where she shouldn’t. Still, Sophie is exceptionally smart and a super-fast learner. With enough attention she will blossom into the perfect lifetime partner and companion.

Sophie waits for you in the shelter Bogrov.

14 August 2012 | Adopted

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