An update on Raya (Dushka)

13 August 2012 | Blog

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Alas, Raya’s days in the hospital were not over after the last time we told you about her. She’s still living with Kon-Tiki and two cats (and the occasional six-toed puppy), but her leg had to be operated on yet another time. Her bone got infected and couldn’t heal properly, so she had to have a bone implant and walk around with her familiar plastic cone on the head and some not-so-familiar metal nails protruding outwards from her leg (hence the cone). She bore the ridiculous plastic contraption on her head bravely for three whole days (the joy in her eyes when it was removed!) and extracted millions of promises from her human friends that they will never ever ever leave her alone in a hospital ever again. In return, she promised to start getting better on the minute and hasn’t failed her friends since.

She’s turning into even more of a sweetheart with a calm manner and quiet dignity that make her great for comfortable evenings together on the couch. Don’t be fooled, though, Raya has plenty of spunk in her, ready to defend her friends in any problematic situation. She often takes up the rear and defends Kon-Tiki (who’s not big on conflict), aforementioned six-toed puppy, and humans from hostile stray dogs. Despite all she has been through, or maybe because of it, Raya is the wisest, most composed, easy to live with and love dog that her humans have recently seen. She deserves a permanent home that will match her nobility of spirit and unconditional loyalty.

13 August 2012 | Blog

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