Unforgettable, emotional, satisfying… Those are the words I would use to describe the walks in Bogrov. Because every week we experience something unique while sharing a few hours with those adorable, charming and memorable dogs. Do we bring magic in their lives or they bring it in ours? May be both of them. For sure I can say that having the chance to know those innocent souls and to feel their pure love is an experience that enriches my days and brings in them pieces of kindness, love and light.


And this repeats week after week. Once you touch to those feelings there is no turning back. And you can ask any regular volunteer and this what he’ll say to you. You just fall in love with the dogs and their big hearts. They charm you with every gesture they make – every kiss, every hug, a paw given, and a tongue hanged out; the pleasure with which they play; the impusle with which they run; the freedom they show although the life in cage. They just find a place deep in your heart and stay there forever.


They teach you to cherish life and to enjoy every second of it, to forget all the bad things and always to fight for your happy ending.Because the stories of our dogs are modern fairy tales for the good and the bad. Every day we read horrifying stories for animals hurt but also we read stories for real friendship and love between dog and his Human.


They make us feel needed and useful. The walks bring us satisfaction because of the fact that we give those 500 dogs a few minutes of happiness. They help us grow and become better. Teach us of patience towards the weaker and the scared ones. Teach us to build trust. Make us humans.


Today’s story isn’t an usual walk story. But it is a story about what walks give to us. I wish for more people to feel those things – in the shelter or somewhere else. To find their cause. And if you decide that this is your cause we are waiting for you in Bogrov – to walk together our four-legged friends. Because those walks are as much for the dogs as for us!


03 August 2012 | The Farm Newsflash

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