We have seen this happen before – with German shepherds, then with Dobermans and Rottweilers, then with Cockers, then Dalmatians…

It always happens the same way. A breed becomes very popular, petshops and puppymills begin overproducing, people buy and buy dogs without knowing the responcibilities and a few years later – many dogs of this breed are being dumped on the street.  Goldens and labradors are next. But now – it is huskies.

This here young boy was brought to us as a “gravely ill” animal. After he was checked and examinated it turned out he had simply been hungry for too long.
The boy is quickly recovering his strenght and has a friendly husky temperament.
He is about a year old.

Another young husky lady – between 8 and 12 months old, she has been waitng for owners quite a while already. The girl is healthy and happy and has the tipical energetic and wild temperament of a northern dog.

This wonderful male went home to his owners. Meanwhile we got 2 more huskies from the street. We will inform you about them soon.

We also have your friend Rex – whose life you saved on two occasions. Although he is still recovering from his surgeries, he will need a home too. Read all about him HERE.

We also have quite a few husky-mixes at the shelter – blue-eyed, energetic animals with a free spirit, locked away until god knows when…

Dear friends, the Bogrov shelter is funded trhough donations only. To be able to shelter, feed and care for the dogs – we need your support. To help us help them – please, BECOME A DONOR for Animal Rescue Sofia.

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