It is a real summer now. Every day we see temperatures that rise above 30° C. In that hot weather our dogs are where they always are – in the shelter, behind the bars, sad and waiting for a miracle to happen – someone to come by, to like them and to adopt them. But the season isn’t like that – people are going on vacations looking for salvation from the heat and a chance for well-deserved rest. And noone is coming in Bogrov to like a dog and to bring some magic with himself.

But there are also another people – the volunteers – that despite the season, and despite the fact that they can’t bring the miracle of adoption, can do something else – to show to our dogs that they are not alone and for a few minutes in a single day to give them a walk, human caress and love and most important – to give them hope.


Dear volunteers, thank you that once again you made our 500 dogs happy with your presence. Thank you for making it possible to walk all of our tailed friends.


Even though the weekend was really hot it was more than wonderful. On Saturday we found a donation of 20 leashes for our dogs. It was from the volunteer Ivona Vuleva who organized a campaign amongst her family to buy them. And of course we used the new leashes right the way 🙂 The Saturday group walked 11 pens of dog. No surprise here as we are used to hear from them that they walked between 9 and 12 pens every week. So the 7 pens left were walked on Sunday and gave us the chance to take out also the dogs from the outside pens, which doesn’t happen often.


We will expect you again this weekend to bring joy to our four-legged friends and to take away the grey and the sadness from their days!


N.B. Don’t forget to bring water, food and hats when you come in the shelter because there aren’t many places to hide from the sun!

05 July 2012 | The Farm Newsflash

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