Dear friends, the necessary ammount has been raised for the second surgery of Rex! Thank you for giving him the chance of health and happiness!
He will be going to the Central Vet Clinic this Sunday to prepare for his complicated operation. We will keep you informed. Please, wish him all the luck in the world!

You remember Rex – the husky who spent his life chained in a hen-house. Unwanted, ill, doomed, Rex found his way to you and you saved his life.

Rex’s first operation two weeks ago was succesfull. His recovery has been good and as planed. Now, the time has come for his second surgery. He will need 400BGN (200E) for it.

Can Rex count on your help again?
Will you help the good boy one more time?


Rex’s surgeons at the Central Vet Clinic want him hospitalized this Sunday. If we find the money for his operation, it should take place on Monday.

The story of Rex, before the first operation.
Rex’s recovery after the first surgery.

Rex today:

04 July 2012 | Blog

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