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04 October 2012 | Adopted



Meet Dari – she’s just another abandoned dog but not on the dirty city streets but far away in the desolate Pazardzhik surroundings – all alone kilometers away from the nearest built-up area, just a small warrior in the wilderness. We don’t know her story or what this beauty girl has been through, all we know is how she looked when we first met her – thin, dirty, hungry and scared. In the distance we thought there is a small black hole on the ground but it turned out to be a little puppy. Imagine our surprise when this “hole”get up and starting to examine us with curiosity. We instantly felt the urge to caress and feed this little girl, but although she was wagging her tail, Dari took a cautious approach to us and didn’t let us to touch her. She was only following us from distance. She ate the potato chips we gave her for seconds – unfortunately that was the only food we had with us, and after that fall asleep near us which gave us the opportunity to go and caress her. Dari just stood still in the arms of her future savior. And just like that, like she was touched for a first time, Dari became a totally different dog.



She became one very vital, cheerful, executive and obedient dog! She never took her eyes off the good girl that caressed her; she was giving away kiss after kiss, giving her paw and waited for permission for every move she made. Just a miracle dog! And like that Dari rewrote her destiny without even knowing it, touching the heart of the Human being she just met!

Two days later savior angels came on the way wishing to take care of Dari until she find her Man. And that’s how Dari came in the big city in search of home and family!


Now she is 6 months old, vaccinated and disinfested. This little bambina is very social and curious, patient and calm, delicate and obedient. She will be a true gift for the person that takes her! She is good with cats and children, adapts very fast loves sleeping in the car, and she can promise you that in the next 10 and more years she will be a true and loyal friend. Because she is perfectly aware of what it is like to be alone and abandoned and she will never let her person feel this way. Not when she is his friend!

Currently Dari is in a dog hotel waiting for you to recognize in her your dog!

Dari playing:

04 October 2012 | Adopted

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