Sasha at her waiting place
Two years. Sasha spent two years in waiting. Waiting for someone to notice her sweet character, her lively presence, her kind heart.

The crooked leg didn’t help her much. The people who had liked her on the website saw her disability and rejected her. People abroad were worried that her operations might be a cause of pain later in life and didn’t dare take her…

It was a long, long wait for Sasha. But finaly – she got her dream. Her bestest, most wonderful dream – to have a loving home and a family to cherish. The clever people who chose her from all our 500 dogs were the Philipovi family!

Hurray for them and Sasha too, she now has her own house with a yard where she will be happy and loved!

She was thrilled!!!

30 June 2012 | Adopted, Blog

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