We proudly introduce you to yet another group of lucky dogs, who found love and care in wonderful German and Dutch families. We wish them great happiness and long, healthy lives. Now, let’s enjoy their great luck:

We begin with the 5 black diamonds! The 5 treasures! The 5 loving souls, kind, gentle, clever… wonderful by all means and completely unwanted and unnoticed. These incredible angels must be the unwanted babies of a cocker spaniel if we judge by the long ears on some of the pups.

They must be one of the most tender and loving babies we’ve had, of course – doomed to sit in a cage till Kingdom come, because of their black color.

We are more or less getting used to sending dogs abroad. Every time we see the bus leave, our hearts shrink by the thought of all the other dogs who linger behind. Not this time – we even had a little celebration to mark their happy outcome.

Here is Julie, she too was lucky to be fostered. This clever little candy was found on the street, fostered and then rehomed here in Bulgaria, then abandoned again, and now, finally, she reached her Destination Happiness. Forever!

Nayla, Millie and Katka are obviously three abandoned pets. They were taken in by a foster mom who has already given life and love to quite a few unwanted babies from Animal Rescue Sofia. The three ladies, each of them with an amazing, different personality became also amazing beauties in her care. They are yet to learn Dutch in their new motherland!

Rush, Karry and Manol – three little heroes, found in a tiny box in the pouring rain on a special day for the lady that stumbled onto them. She took that as a sign of destiny and took care of them until they became old enough and had the vaccines to be mixing with other dogs without a risk. Here, the puppies would have become yet another set of unwanted stray dogs. But in Holland they are already with loving families!

Mark and Blaga are two totally different cases, but have a lot in common. Both definitely have German Shepherd ancestors, both were dumped on the street, both are amazingly good and kind, both have met good people who offered them shelter whilst we sought homes for them. And now both are lucky to be loved in their new motherland!

Three more dumped babies that were lucky to find foster care, this time from Pancharevo. Like all the others, these too were dumped, but luckily they met someone who wouldn’t pass them by. Now, instead of wandering around the streets lost and lonely, they are with their families in the land of tulips.

And another lucky set of three – also babies dumped in a box. What a surprise! The difference is that these came with a “bonus” – coronavirosis… It took a long time to treat them and when they finally healed… their immune systems were so disturbed that they quickly went to being ill with parvovirosis. And back again we go through the whole treatment. Not surprisingly, with so much care and attention they became very kind and tender pups. When they were finally healthy enough to be vaccinated, everything went smooth and we sent them to Holland where they all have great families waiting for them.

They were really sooo cuddly!

Gita, or the Malamut as some called her back here, has been with us since last spring. We took her from the municipal shelter in Seslavci, where she was going to be euthanized because some person had complained she was “aggeresive”. And nothing could be further from the truth – she has a wonderful, gentle and playful nature and simply loves people. We were quick to offer her safety, expecting that such a friendly dog would be fast to find friends, but unfortunately she had to wait for a whole year. She had to go the hard way, but that’s it – there will be no more hardship for her.

Now, here is another huge litter. Born on the street, taken in by kind people, they were raised, vaccinated and prepared for their journey at their foster home. What would their destiny be had they not found real humans to offer them help? What is the faith of 9 babies, born in the city center? We don’t even want to think about it…

All these babies have gone to their real families now, only Fata took a long time to decide, because there were so many people who wanted her. Here are her first moments is in her new home, and also Darling:

They seem to have fit right into place!

Lady is very endearing, playful, cautious, curious, and overall – a carefree dog. Since she is also tiny in size, we thought she’d find a family quickly here in Bulgaria. She waited for 6 months without any luck and found friends abroad finally!

These three were stationed in the personnel changing room at the shelter due to eternal lack of space. The two siblings were dumped by the highway and although they had no vaccines and it was too risky to take them – we took the risk. Their only alternative were to quickly become 2-dimentional under the heavy truck tires.

The white baby was positively dumped from an apartment. It showed up in a neighborhood where for a long time already there are no unsprayed females on the streets. One day he simply showed up on the pavement – confused and bewildered with the huge outside world. He will surely be very loved in Holland, we guess he may turn out to be a fox terrier when he grows up, time will tell.

We saved the best for last! Two dogs you know very well also left with this transport! Here are Zhelyo and Lunna to make your day!!!

Dear Zhelyo spent a long time in hospital till he was stabilized. Before he left, we shaved him down and to be honest, he looked absolutely ridiculous in his summer outfit. We thank our friends in Holland who will make sure he is never again lonely and helpless.


Lunna  – the angel that got to walk on all fours thanks to you! The sweet black girl grew up very quickly and now has nothing in common with the shy, sad girl who came to us after she was badly kicked by a mean person. She would be hard to rehome here in Bulgaria, but in Holland – she will have people who will be proud to walk such a unique dog!

Once again we thank everyone involved in this huge miracle.

  • Our donors, who give what they can for the saddest of creatures.
  • Our partners abroad who do all in their power to find the best families for the unwanted little Bulgarians.
  • Our foster mothers who save life after life without asking anything in return.
  • Our drivers who work so professionally to get the dogs to their destination safely and quickly.

May you be blessed for all the good you do! You are living proof that there is Good in this world!

20 June 2012 | The Farm Newsflash

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  1. Ingrid Faas


    Zhelyo is living in our house about one year, he is beautiful en lovely dog.

    He has a fine house en good food en is living with two cats in house.


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