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Dear friends you have raised the 350BGN needed for Rex’s first operation! Thank you for helping him! He is recovering and hopedully when he is strong enough he will have a second surgery to completely recover his ruptured stomach. We will keep you informed. Bless you!

Rex is no name for a husky. It’s not power, but freedom that a northern dog’s name must carry. The 1 meter chain is no hold for his free spirit. He needs to chase the horizon, run with the wind all day and cuddle up with his owner at night, calm as a cat, knowing this is his person…

And yet, this is how I saw Rex for the first time – nose down, his eyes bluntly gazing at the chickens whose hen-house he inhabited on his short chain, completely certain that nothing new is ever going to come his way. Day after day, year after year, no human or dog company to cheer him up, no walk to inspire him. For five years.

I love Nordic dogs, I admit it. I love their confidence and perseverance, that wild touch in their behavior. For that reason, my heart sank a bit more every time I saw Rex in the henhouse, not even a hint left in his eyes of those wonderful free creatures – the huskies. I decided to buy him off from his owners, I wanted to find someone to give him the little pleasures of a true pet dog – the walks, the hugs, the company, the games, to bring back his desire of making the neighbors crazy with howling, pretending to be deaf and digging holes in all the wrong places.

They didn’t agree. Although they had killed all that is northern in him, they didn’t want to lose his beauty, his icy gaze and the pride of being a husky owner.

A year passed. His owners contacted me again: “something is wrong with Rex, he is dyeing, you can have him if you want him.”

Something is wrong with Rex. And it has been so for months. Just a few more days like this and he would have been dead. He was fed so much bones that his stomach perforated and he suffered peritonitis. He had to be urgently operated at the Central Vet Clinic today. The doctors managed to get him out of Death’s reach. For now. If Rex gets to live in the next 7 days, he will need one more, even more complicated operation.

We haven’t been able to pay for this one. But the doctors said he had to be operated immediately – we couldn’t wait to find out if you wanted to help. The operation today costs 350BGN (~150E), the next one will cost approximately the same.

Friends, help us, please. Although Rex is not a stray dog and has a breed. DONATE for the life of Rex if you can. Whatever he is, he has a dog heart in his chest, a heart that wants to love and be loved, begging for a second chance, a real life, a home and a person to love…


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