Snow White

28 March 2012 | Adopted

Hello, my name is SnowWhite and I’m very pleased to meet you! I am a beautiful, smart and very kind cat. I think I am 4 years old, I have a microchip, vaccines, a passport and I’m even neutered. The kind people who gave me a shelter say that I am just too good and patient. I think that is partly a result of my very difficult past. But also it is because I have not 1 heart like you all, but 2!

Because of my two hearts I have learnt to love everyone. I am very patient with people, dogs, cats… Dogs are easy – you don’t even need to be mean to them! Just stay out of their food and don’t bother them, and they will do the same.


Anyway I prefer hugs and pets. If possible – all the time. If not – whenever possible. Also I like to cuddle up somewhere warm. I also like tasty kibble. Honestly, since they took me in I gained almost as much weight as I used to weigh. But I think it suits me better now – I used to be all bones before, when I was always hungry.

From my bad times I will always have one memory – the tip of my right ear is frozen off. I nearly died that night, it was so cold… But the people here say that having a pink ear and a pink nose is charming. It’s so nice to be called charming! I am loved and cared for here, this is something new to me, but I can also teach them some things. For example – how to pet a cat:

Like it? I learnt this trick back when there was no one to scratch my ear, when there was no one to say “What a good girl you are, SnowWhite!”. I may not have a home, but I am lucky to be here with my fosters.  I am optimistic – I think my people will find me in the end. After all – I wasn’t born with 2 hearts for nothing. When they see me, they will recognize me. I just need to be patient. And I have all the patience in the world!

28 March 2012 | Adopted

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