Our awsome mulled wine party!

20 February 2012 | News

WOW, what a night:

  • 174 wonderful guests!
  • 120 litres of excellent wine!
  • 15 huge breads!
  • At least 200 origami cranes and hearts created!
  • 2817 BGN collected for the dogs of Animal Rescue Sofia!!!

Our regards and greetings to the 174 serious winde-drinkers that attended our first charity party in 2012! You were fantastic ladies and gentlemen, it was a pleasure seing you and thank you for donating for the animals in need!!! Hope to see you again soon!

We thank the generous Rose Valley Winery who have been our wine sponsors for 2 years now! They say thet mulling is the biggest test of a wine – and this one proved it’s quality onse again. In the tallented hands of Silvia Koleva of CHOCKOLATIER the aromatic wine turned into an even more aromatic bevarage – people went crazy for it! Just calculate it yourself – 174 people drank 120 litres of wine in 4 hours!

A delicious cake to celebrate 1000 dogs adopted; origami cranes

We thank Nikolay Egov, Vencislav Vasilev and Teofila Vasileva of ORIGAMITE.com fro teaching us the art of making Origami. We made a whole mountain of paper cranes, doggies, hearts and flowers. Origami proved to be art for everyone, thanks to our patient teachers.

Our hugs and greetings one more time to our friend Anelia Nikolova of Virtu furnishing studio. Anelia was amazing as usual, this time the focus of our merchandise were a collection of fantastic decoupage artworks by Maya Kostova! Thank you, Maya for your lovely work!

Great teamwork!

And last, but not least – we thank the group of harworking ladies who helped us keep this party organized and well-ran: Raia Georgieva, Vicky and Alex Minchevi, Vessy Kostourska! We must do this again soon, ladies :)!

Some more photos from the event (we are sorry, but we only had one tiny camera on the spot, so they are not so good, but there are many good people on them):

20 February 2012 | News

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