Mishy is a dog we picked up from Bulgaria boulevard, severely injured. She’s now recovering from her sergery, we hope to be telling you more about her soon, she’s become everyones favorite dog, she lives free in the shelter – she is simply the best!

It’s really cold. And for dogs like Mishy who’s recovering from a very complicated hip surgery and Steffany who’s recovering form a lung illness it’s just too cold. So we’ve set them up with jackets to keep the warmth. Unfortunately with the dogs in the large building it’s impossible to put clothes on – they play and the clothes get torn and ripped apart before we can say: Congrats for your new outfit!

Stefany is someone special we’ve already told you about. We so hope to find her a good family soon, she is absolutely lovely!

20 December 2010 | The Farm Newsflash

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